Rescue The Cute Panda Game

Rescue The Cute Panda

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Vince the farmer have all sorts of animals and amongst his rare ones was really rare, and that animal is a panda! The curators of the zoo had no other choice but to let him take good care of the animal at least for a while for its enclosure is being repaired. That repair is going to take months but they hope Vince has this one covered. From time to time though, there is a zoo personnel who comes to check if the animal is okay, but that day however Vince will have a nightmare of a situation, for the panda which he should take good care is not okay, for that animal just escaped!

Vince was absolutely panicking then for absolutely nothing must happen to that panda, and now its risk of being in danger is very high. Vince is now finding that panda as best as he can around his house and around his farm as well, he is making haste here for if it ever escapes into the forest then who knows what can happen to it, he just knows it won't be good. Escape players, want to help Vince here as he finds that panda quickly now around the place?

Rescue The Cute Panda is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Top 10 New Games.

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