Rescue The Cute Goat Game

Rescue The Cute Goat

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Lance now lives in the enchanted forest and it all started when he went missing from civilization, for one day when he got lost in his adventure there in the said forest, he met the earthbound things living in there and at first they scared him real good, but they were friendly and from then he never left the place and even lived in there. That was years ago and now Lance is one of the protectors of the forest for there are poachers sometimes going in and out of the place and he had to resort in a slew of things that would drive them away.

It was another day that day, but there is always something different happening in the place, and that day he is on the rescue for one of his magical animal pals are in trouble! Lance lives in a wooden house in an area which was covered with different kinds of stuff as well as contraptions. One of those contraptions successfully captured his friend the magical goat and that one is prone to fits, that's why Lance needs to get him out before his face turns red. Escape players, Lance is lucky for the goat is still in his good side, but it won't be long until he gets mad so he needs to hurry in getting him out now. Will you help Lance here get his friend goat out and safely?

Rescue The Cute Goat is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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