Rescue The Cute Cow Game

Rescue The Cute Cow

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Niel is in the forest again collecting things that he needs in his house, he likes free stuff so he really can't get that out of his system. The forest is huge definitely, but there are certain areas he needs to stay away from for there is an area there which was covered by an area and that is the farmer's land, he is not a man fond of people getting in his property, not even to Niel and he really doesn't want any trouble so, he just doesn't go there. As Niel goes around the area that day, he realized something was different, and when he looked in the distance he saw something and that totally stopped him in his tracks.

Niel found a trap carved onto the side of a big boulder and inside it was a small cow! Immediately Niel thought the cow belonged to the farmer for where should it belong to? But Niel thought, were there trappers in the area or potentially poachers? For the trap looks laborious to make for it was carved into solid rock! Niel didn't want to get involved in this but he thought maybe he can just unlock the trap, let the cow go, and then get out of there quickly. He needs to be swift then and decisive, will you help him out escape players?

Rescue The Cute Cow is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Top 10 New Games.

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