Rescue The Cute Chicken Game

Rescue The Cute Chicken

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People from long ago have carved houses into the trees, that is where they have lived before but in the present time, they are all gone mysteriously and what remains there are their houses which are still quite livable. Tim who lives by the area have already ventured into the place many times and have even checked the houses, no items can be found there anymore except maybe in the tree houses which still has their doors and could not be opened. One day, Tim was with his pet chicken there for he wanted to let his chicken be an animal for a while like setting it to roam around with his supervision of course, all was well until he unfortunately fell asleep beside a tree there!

Tim could not find his chicken anymore and he desperately tried to find it for who knows it could be in danger right-now! Well unfortunately, he was right and that animal is somehow trapped in one of the locked tree houses in the area! Fortunately it was okay, but Tim was confused how did the animal get in it for he can't even open the door? Maybe there was a small hidden entrance there somewhere, most likely, but Tim is determined to get his pet chicken back though, so he needs to think outside of the box here if he wants to open that locked door. Escape players, will you help Tim as well so he can return home from the forest with his chicken before dark?

Rescue The Cute Chicken is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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