Rescue The Cute Cat (Games 2 Live)

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As Hunter was roaming around the village for he just arrived there to visit his grandma, there was this girl who asked him if he saw her cat. The cat in the picture she showed was orange and had a red collar, Hunter said he haven’t seen the feline and the two separated ways. Hunter was starting to get back some of his memories when he was a kid there, he used to go around the houses of the place with his friends and just have fun. But as he got to this area though which doesn’t have any houses anymore, he found something and that gave him quite an AHA! Moment there.

Hunter found the cat of the girl! But sadly though it was in a cage and it probably accidentally got caught in it. So this is where this little guy went, okay guess he’ll have to get him out and maybe find that girl then who was looking for this kitty, but Hunter is going to need a bit of help though. Escape players would you like to assist Hunter here free this trapped cat?

Rescue The Cute Cat is brand new point and click escape game released by Games 2 Live. Have Fun!

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