Rescue The Cursed Fairy

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Once again Fritz will be going into the mountains in the forest there, he doesn’t want to go really for it is not easy to venture there, but he needs to for the only source of life he can get from is there. Fritz roams around and began implementing his hunting skills so he doesn’t scare away the prey. After a while he found something but it’s not what he was trying to look for, it was one of the weird things of this place!

Fritz found a glowing being inside some tree and it was a beautiful lady dressed in white! Fritz was startled when he saw this, but he was told to wait by the glowing woman and she told him she needs help. Fritz didn’t want nothing to do with the weird beings of this place here, for not all are docile, but the voice of this woman was soothing though and he cannot help it but listen. The woman needs help for she is trapped in this force or something. Now she doesn’t expect a mortal can help her here, she said, but for her he was the only help she’s got now. Escape players, want to get involved here and help Fritz in freeing this woman? Do your best then and stay alert, for there is still that chance that this could be a trap.

Rescue The Cursed Fairy is a new wilderness rescue escape game developed by Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Rescue The Cursed Fairy

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