Rescue The Crystal Fairy

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Beneath the forest, there is actually a different world and it’s all crystal! There are tunnels going around there and had only been recently discovered. It’s an easily accessible place but the tunnels there will definitely have its sets of dangers and all are pretty fatal. One danger is the place’s minimal oxygen levels, that alone is a thing why people should not stay there for long or they will suffocate, not unless if they have an oxygen tank with them. That day, Edsel will be going down there alone but not for an adventure or discoveries though, but to rescue something which was trapped in the crystals there.

Edsel is a person adept in magic, so when he got a subliminal message which originated from this crystal place, he immediately went for he can sense the enchantments of the message as being desperate and good. And so, Edsel brought everything that he deems necessary on this rescue, he has a vague idea what he is going to do there and that is to rescue the fairy who was trapped in a crystal where the message came from. This might not be easy, but that’s why he must hurry. Escape players, want to help Edsel here free this fairy somewhere in the maze of crystals underground? Be quick then for air is very limited in the place.

Rescue The Crystal Fairy is a brand new point-and-click rescue escape game from Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Rescue The Crystal Fairy

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