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Rescue The Cosmologist

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Technology have become even more modern through the years, aliens have even made themselves known and now they are a part of daily human lives. Nowadays, they even send humans along with aliens to space in search for more life in the universe, and those included two cosmologists and one isn't really from Earth. The human cosmologist was Pierre and through their months of travel in space, they have already grown accustomed to each other. To come and think of it, these aliens doesn't really differ much from humans, they have personalities too as well as ambitions and dreams, it so happens Pierre and his alien companion have so much alike and that's why they became quite the friends.

One Earth day as the spacecraft was traveling through space to its destination, a problem occurred like one always does but this time it's pretty serious! Pierre's partner who was the alien cosmologist just got trapped in one of the airlocks! Now this is a very delicate situation and Pierre needs to be careful and gentle on this, for he might accidentally touch something and that could trigger a release on the airlock! They both know what will happen then. Escape players, Pierre is going to need some help here to rescue his partner, will you help him out and carefully too?

Rescue The Cosmologist is the newest point and click space rescue escape game from 8B Games and Games 2 Mad.

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