Rescue The Coco

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The forest is still part of the land which bares strange mysteries and because forests are strange places even though how green they are, everyone should bet that this said area is quite the dangerous one indeed. That day however, Howe still went in there because he needs to live of course and it’s the forest where he will get such to survive. He does this every week and it had been years now ever since he made his first entry there, it was definitely filled with strange occurrences which became usual for him, but that day however he will experience something unique and quite the worst thing than everything that has ever happened to him there!

Howe is with his coco bird as always for as amazing as it is, the creature can always guide him home whenever he gets lost in the place. He rescued it in the forest when it was a chick for its mother had somehow died of unknown causes near her nest, well he needed to do something and the rest was history. That day Howe brought his coco bird which is a usual thing that he does, the bird flew ahead along the journey which it does from time to time, well this time though it never came back after a long time! Howe got very concerned as time passed, his coco bird is nowhere to be found, once again he needed to do something or this time he might lose the bird forever. Escape players, you are Howe here and this time the logical thing to do is to move into a direction where the coco bird went, there is a likely chance he’ll find it there and right-now it must be done quickly for all you know, it could be trapped in something that’s why id didn’t return.

Rescue The Coco is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Live.