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Rescue The Camel

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The desert valley is such a strange place especially at night, for there are stories of strange creatures there moving under and above the sand but people can't help it but venture into the place, for there is an oasis in there which the animals and people need. One day, one of the camel herders of Ali had experienced something in the desert while he was herding back a camel that had escaped in the night, as he moves closer to the stable, something big scared him and the camel as well! That got the herder running to the house and the camel also ran, but in a different direction however.

The next morning, the herder reported everything to Ali and he was a bit skeptical, for he is more concerned of the camel and they don't know if the animal is gone or still alive somewhere. Well, every camel here is valuable, so Ali is going to bet that the camel is still alive and hopefully, he will be able to find it probably near the oasis. Escape players, let's go on a camel rescue here with Ali through the desert. May you find the missing camel before dark.

Rescue The Camel is the newest point and click desert animal rescue game created by WoW Escape.

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