Rescue The Brown Mammal Game

Rescue The Brown Mammal

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There was this brown mammal which was very strange and Kenny had been trying his best to get the creature, that's because it had been terrorizing his home and it wasn't even a rat! He is interested in what it is that's why he is determined to catch it. On his chase through the wilderness, Kenny is barely catching-up to the animal for it is seems to be a sprinter and is grounded. The animal went straight to a cave protruding from the ground and that stopped Kenny, he decided then if he wants to abandon the chase, or continue looking for the creature in the cave? Well he had nothing to do that day so, he continued on his hunt.

Kenny is sure that this was the cave people who had been talking about which was enchanted, it was all just nonsense to him but when he entered however, he discovered that the stories seems to have a bit of truth in it. There were strange lights in the cave but it seems that Kenny is not scared of it, but mesmerized even. Kenny has a mission here however, and that is to find that strange animal and get the heck out of there. Escape players, care to join in the rescue here with Kenny for that brownish animal he was chasing and then escape out of the cave?

Rescue The Brown Mammal is the newest point and click underground rescue escape game from Big Escape Games.

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