Rescue The Boy From Lift

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The old apartment building is what it is, old. But Hanna and her son still lives in there for they have nowhere else to go, they just live what they can come by with and focusing everything she’s got to her son’s future. That day, her son just came-up to the elevator again despite of her warning him not to use that for the thing is old and is not safe, but it could be that he has something heavy and that’s why he didn’t use the stairs. Hanna heard him come-up and when she waited at the elevator’s doors, she only heard a scream for help!

Hanna’s warnings came true, her son is now trapped inside the elevator for the doors would not open! Okay, this had happened before but that was a long time though and she needs to find her tools again to fix this. Well the problem is she doesn’t know where those are now for she had gained a lot of stuff through the years and those could be anywhere. Escape players, Hanna’s son here is not at all safe where he is, he needs to stay calm in there and not move too much. Will you help Hanna here quickly so she can help her son then?

Rescue The Boy From Lift is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Rescue The Boy From Lift

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