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Rescue The Bear

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The forest has a lot of things especially rare animals, that's why there are traps in there so poachers can catch such wildlife and sell them to bidders at a high price. Angelo was one of the rangers stationed there but even though he was present, he can't really remedy the problem all by himself but he does his job the best as he can. One day, it was a slow day and he does his rounds around areas he doesn't typically go, Angelo was about to finish-up when at some point he found something and that turned his day from 0 to full operation!

Angelo saw a big cage and inside it was an animal which looks like a moon bear! Those things are very rare in this place and because he never saw something like this before, he needs to do something before the poachers who set it there succeed. Angelo doesn't have back-up at the moment for they have been stationed to a different area far-away from him, that's why he needs to do this by himself as slowly as possibly. Angelo is ready to rescue such a rare bear trapped by poachers now, will you join him escape players and see the animal safe in the end?

Rescue The Bear is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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