Rescue The Bat Game

Rescue The Bat

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Jason was one local hero in the village for he tends to save animals in trouble and most of the time the animals he saves are the people's farm animals mostly sheep. Sheep are numerous in the area so they are the ones which gets in trouble most often. Jason also rescues non-game animals from traps like badgers and foxes, but those are quite hard tasks though for wild animals tends to get a nip out of everyone including their rescuer, and nobody wants to get bitten by them wild animals. One day, Jason yet again saw an animal in-need of a rescue, and that is a bat!

A bat is definitely not a game animal and the villagers don't really consume such animals, but it is still alive and was also an animal so Jason got to work to get it out for he knows bats are foresters and they are very beneficial for life in the wilderness. Escape players, a trapped bat needs Jason's help here now, will you help him as well so that he can look-out for other creatures in trouble after this?

Rescue The Bat is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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