Rescue The Badger Game

Rescue The Badger

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Come and bring-out the best of your skills here for the animal rescue. Rescue The Badger is the newest point and click wilderness rescue escape game from Top 10 New Games. Have fun!

Randy had been rounding-up those poachers for they are over-hunting in the wilderness and mostly, they have been capturing squirrels and Randy had no idea why, but even then the other animals are being threatened by them. One day, Randy was roaming around trying to track those poachers again but they always seem to get away, well they haven't got-away clean that day for they left a trap and it's embedded inside a boulder, the most concerning thing about it though is what's inside the contraption.

The cage actually captured something and it's a big badger! Those things are hard to find here, those fiends have really pushed their artillery in this place. Escape players, that is why Randy has to be firm here now and rescue that badger out of that cage but well in doing so very carefully for the poachers are also armed and dangerous. Care to join in with Randy here on the animal rescue? Go ahead then and if possible, do not engage in a gun-fight.

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