Rescue The Alien (Games 2 Mad)

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Rob is now back at the alien planet for Earth has an alliance with this alien race and every Earth month, that needs to be fulfilled. Humans have really advanced through the generations, the most interesting that have been created was this machine that can generate temporary wormholes which humans can then pass through safely and be transported at any point in space almost instantly! That’s where the human and alien alliance began.

Rob will now help on what must be done there in the alien planet to fulfill the alliance, but guess his help there is going to be needed in necessity there, for as he arrived on the planet he found the alien who was suppose to greet him seems to be trapped in some weird high-tech canister! Of course Rob immediately went on to the rescue when he saw this, for he came with good will. But he is having some trouble with that though. Escape players, want to help Rob then so he can quickly free his alien greeter?

Rescue The Alien is a new point-and-click alien rescue escape game developed by 8B Games and Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Rescue The Alien (Games 2 Mad)

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