Rescue Sparrow From Fantasy Forest Game

Rescue Sparrow From Fantasy Forest

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The forest is very wide and the only way to send messages from boundary to boundary was through messenger birds like doves, sparrows, and or eagles. Earl was in-charge of the first boundary somewhere in an area close to the forest, he is the first person to send messages of coming enemies from the sea, and as for his messenger bird he has a sparrow which was just a small bird but can carry big messages which can be very vital for the safety of everyone back in the capital. A week had passed and it was slow, Earl was doing his job and so far no enemies, but even then there was a problem however, for his sparrow bird escaped from its enclosure!

He needs to get that bird back for he doesn't know if between those times that it doesn't return, the enemy might arrive and he won't have any means of sending a message. Next-time, he is going to go get the second set of messenger birds so if something like this happens, he is still safe. Earl needs to go into the forest in the direction where his sparrow went, it is impossible that it would go to the second border for it doesn't do so without carrying anything, it escaped and that's what's clear to him. Escape players, Earl here cannot abandon that sparrow for it is his only one at the moment, will you help him find it so he can go back to his post?

Rescue Sparrow From Fantasy Forest is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Big Escape Games.

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