Rescue My Darling Game

Rescue My Darling

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One of your most favorite hobby is people watching. You really like standing or sitting on the side and just watch people go about their lives. You likewise want to know the story behind their appointments for today. Each one has a story to tell and you wish you can discover them. Then a cute couple passes by. You find them really adorable that your gaze follows them. They stay somewhere close to your location so you need to adjust your position to get a view of them. But then, a lot of people pass by that you lost your vision of them. After a few seconds, they return to your vision. Or so you think they did. When you look at the couple once again, only the guy remains. You're thinking the girl must have gone somewhere. But the guy looks around worrying. You can't ignore him.

So you come up to him and ask if everything's okay. He is flustered with what is happening. You try to calm him down but instead begs you to help him. How can you say no to this adorable guy? So you decide to help him rescue his darling. Rescue My Darling is an outdoor escape game by Eight Games.

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