Rescue Monkey Game

Rescue Monkey

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Monkeys are the most spontaneous animal that you know. They love to climb around trees and swing on the branches. This is so cute to see but this is also the reason why they get into trouble. They are too quirky on the forest that sometimes, they can't get out from the branches. You witnessed this when you went in the forest. Thankfully, you are here to Rescue Monkey. However, that is not an easy thing to do. You don't have anything in your bag that you can use to untangle the monkey. On the good note, there are objects in this forest that you can see and collect.

Those things can help you to Rescue Monkey faster and easier. But aside from that, there are also puzzles that you need to solve in order to save the monkey completely. With that, you have to use your logic to complete this rescue operation. The freedom of this cute little monkey is in your hands. Rescue Monkey is a brand new outdoor escape game by NSR Games. Play this exciting point n' click escape game and try to solve all the puzzles as soon as possible. Good luck and have fun!

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