Rescue Little Girl From House Game

Rescue Little Girl From House

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Dave's neighbor called and it's quite urgent! As his neighbor's best-friend, not only he wanted to let him see what was going-on in his home so he can witness for himself, he just needs his friend's help right-now for finally he had the last straw. For months Dave's neighbor have been experiencing strange happenings in his home, he just couldn't find explanations that could answer what in the world was happening there, Dave would listen to these stories too but somehow he did not believe in some. But now he is seeing it for himself and he is starting to understand.

Dave was called for the priority is his neighbor's daughter, that's because she is trapped in her room! His friend could not open the door and whenever he would come to get a tool to pry it open, he would find himself locked-in as well in the room where he retrieved his tools! The happenings just escalated that day and that's why he finally needs help which Dave is his first option. Escape players, you now play as Dave here and the priority is to get his daughter out of the house. Will you be able find this girl somewhere in the house and quickly? For it could be that she needs saving now!

Rescue Little Girl From House is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game released by Games 2 Rule.

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