Rescue Little Champ 3 Game

Rescue Little Champ 3

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It's not easy to be a champ. You have to be hardworking towards everything especially with trainings. Since you are managing the defending champ, you have to train him every hard. The competition is due next week. You have to strengthen not only his physical capabilities but also his thinking ability. To do that, you made a trap in this forest. He needs to use his logic to escape from the forest. Aside from that, you also set up puzzles along the way. However, you realized that he is not ready for these kinds of activities. You can hear his voice and it sound like he is in trouble. You want him to learn by himself but you can't let him get in trouble. Because of that, you have to step in and help him to escape from the forest.

This place might be a little bit harsh for him so you have to be quick. He is a champ no matter what and for now, you have to be his friend and not only his trainer. Try to rescue the champ as soon as possible. Rescue Little Champ 3 is the newest point and click room escape game from NSR Games. Best of luck!

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