Rescue Halloween Red Bat

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Richard needs to enter the forest even when it’s Halloween at this moment in time and dark in there, plus the place is haunted but he still needs to go in. Why so? Well he needs to rescue a demon-like bat there which was all red in color!

This bat even when it is scary and not nice to look at is actually keeping the spooks of the place in. But because it is in trouble in the forest there somewhere and Richard knows it, the spooks of the forest are starting to cross the boundary into the nearby community, which where Richard lives. Escape players, Richard is really risking his life here but he needs to do this or his home will be overrun. Will you help Richard then rescue the red bat from whatever is distressing it?

Rescue Halloween Red Bat is another new point-and-click spooky wilderness animal rescue escape game made by Wow Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Rescue Halloween Red Bat

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