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Rescue With Gold Coins

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You moved out of your house when you were twenty-five years old. You explored the city in the hopes of getting a good paying job and maybe have a house of your own. However, a year in the city can't give you a house. So you spent four more years before settling down. Now that everything's fine, you took a few days off to go back to the village. You wanted to share to your parents how you got to where you are now. After talking to them over lunch, you walked up the attic. You wanted to see the things you kept and maybe bring some over to your new house. Then you find an interesting container. You shook the container to check what's inside. It sounded like coins. You tried opening it, but it was tough to do so.

So you just brought the container with you outside. You also wanted to take a stroll along the paths you usually walk on. Then you forcefully opened the container. You broke it and the contents flew in every direction. Those were gold coins. So most of the gold rolled of somewhere. A letter inside stated that the gold coins should remain intact until the 50th granddaughter was born. Play Rescue With Gold Coins outdoor escape game by Escape Games Today.

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