Rescue Glorious Girl Escape Game

Rescue Glorious Girl Escape

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There had been a girl that got lost in the forest and it's not just any normal girl, but the princess of the kingdom! She just ran one night into the forest after something which was still a mystery to most and it's already bad enough that it's not easy to venture in there, but there are bandits in the place and if the princess meets them then that is definitely bad news. As a person who had been assigned to rescue the princess, Vladimir was part of that group and they were asked to do this rescue as quickly as possible.

Escape players, Vladimir needs to be quick with the task then to avoid further problems, will he be able to get a hold of the princess before it gets dark? Join Vladimir then and be quick through the rushes of the vast wilderness, there is absolutely everywhere to go and that's why it's hard to pick a specific path and if they do they just hopes that the one they choose leads to the princess. Will your skills and logic be good enough for this potentially daring save?

Rescue Glorious Girl Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness rescue escape game from Games 2 Rule.

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