Rescue Girl From Desert Cactus Game

Rescue Girl From Desert Cactus

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There was peculiar item in your grandma's attic that you always see every time you want to spend some alone time up there. However, you never thought of tinkering with as it may be one of her treasured antiques. So you just spend some time looking at it from different angles without laying a finger on it. But one day, you accidentally touched it and it emitted a bright light. The light immediately died down so you tried touching it again. This time, the light shone brightly and remained. It was like looking at a floating screen. There were many locations showing up there and some random people's faces were appearing on the side. You tried choosing from one of the scenes. You had not been in the desert and you wondered how it would look like in the screen.

It appeared and then the people's faces were flashing on the other side. You chose randomly and you saw the girl you chose materialize on the desert. She didn't like it one bit and was demanding that she be taken out of there at once. However, you could only help her if you go to the desert yourself. Play Rescue Girl From Desert Cactus outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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