Rescue From The Street Game

Rescue From The Street

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Officer Lander was called in one of the buildings somewhere in the shops boulevard, for a person got stuck in one of the rooms there which are a part of the shops! Lander needs to really ready himself for the location where he was being sent to is kind of a bad neighborhood and this could all be a plot to get revenge to the cops, well that's unlikely and he had never experience something like that before, well there is always a first-time. Lander needs to be extra careful here as he pries the doors of the shop open and surely he'll find something there, that would depend what's behind it though.

Escape players, care to join officer Lander here for the rescue and see if you can get someone who is in some trouble in one of the shops in the immediate area? Be careful then if you choose to join in, find clues and items which can open the locked-door, stay suspicious as you move along.

Check this rescue escape adventure here everyone and test the best of your skills. Rescue From The Street is another new point and click rescue escape game made by Genie Fun Games.

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