Rescue From Single Door Escape Game

Rescue From Single Door Escape

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Somebody got trapped in the abandoned house in the neighborhood and when Ryan found-out about it, he was mystified why would anyone enter there for nobody really does because they are all scared, he surely is too but because he was the nearest house from the place, Ryan decided he'll get that certain someone out even though there is a huge chance it is just a stranger stumbling upon the area. Ryan must be very careful when entering into the rooms of that house, for things are already old there and a bit rickety, one mistake can potentially topple the whole thing. Will he be able to get that person out from the place?

Escape players, everyone is counting on Ryan here for they admit they are not courageous enough to do this rescue and because the nearest cops from them are miles away, it might take time for them to arrive and when they do it will all be too late. Want to join Ryan here and see if you can get the person out safely? If so then be careful as you move around in that house.

Rescue From Single Door Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Genie Fun Games.

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