Rescue The Fox From Forest Game

Rescue The Fox From Forest

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As you are rummaging through the stuffs in your attic, you find this book entitled Animorphs. You remember reading it when you were younger. You've had a lot of fun every time. You imagined you were one of the characters and you even chose your animal. You didn't stop there, you also design your DNA absorption path. All of these can be found inside the book. It's placed there so you'll always have a reference when you want to transform. You laugh at your silly and childish antics. As you're about to leave the attic, the book floats in the air. You look at it then it slowly shows you the transformation plan you made. Your heart beats faster as you slowly begin to understand what it means. But you can't be sure as you know you have nothing within you to help you transform.

However, it seems like an answer, you find some animals materializing in front of you. You know how the transformations happen. So you touch the animal and slowly let its DNA enter your system. Then you close your eyes to picture yourself transforming. Suddenly, someone bursts inside the room. He tells you to find someone important first before proceeding. The thing  is this person is in a form of a fox. Play Rescue The Fox From Forest outdoor escape game by Knf Games.

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