Rescue The Diamond Ring

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It may not sound very nice but you’re your friends lending institution. And it’s not only money that can be lent from you. They can sometimes borrow some clothes although you end up just giving it to them. It’s not that you let yourself be consumed by your friends. But at the moment, you’re the only capable of earning and acquiring a lot. You know they’re your friends even if you run out of things to give. Or so you think. One of your friends finally hit a jackpot in a lotto draw. You breath a sigh of relief not because she’ll be able to repay you, but because she can support herself. She’s very grateful to you for everything. So she’s giving you a diamond ring as a gift. Your eyes sparkle as you see the beauty of the ring. And you thank her sincerely.

After a few days, a letter enters your mailbox. You open and read it. It contains the remaining amount you have to pay for the diamond ring. You can’t believe what you’re reading. It seems like your friend only paid for the down payment and not the whole price. You want to shout in annoyance but there’s a chance you won’t pay at all. You just have to return the diamond ring. The problem is, where did you keep it? Play Rescue The Diamond Ring outdoor escape game by Knf Games.