Rescue Cultivation Sapling

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There was this sapling which wasn’t easy to grow and as a farmer for all of his life, Ramon knows his crops and that specific sapling which was hard to grow he wants to cultivate, but it seems no farmer in the area can grow it, he wanted to be first though. Through the years, Ramon really wanted to know why this is so because studying things is always a good method of finding stuff out, one verdict from the people is that the land is cursed and there is sense why locals would say that because the place was once a hard one to grow crops into, but now it’s all good except one specific crop however. That day, Ramon observed this crop of his for it is now starting to grow, but somehow he noticed something and he was then compelled to do something so he can save the little thing!

Ramon is now thinking that the curse of the place is getting to the crop, he needs to do something now before things gets worst for the little guy. Escape players, want to join in the rescue here for the sapling with Ramon the farmer?

Rescue Cultivation Sapling is the newest point and click farm rescue game created by Games 2 Rule.

Walkthrough video for Rescue Cultivation Sapling


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