Rescue Christmas Doll Game

Rescue Christmas Doll

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It's Christmas once again across the land and as a form of celebration for this one household, they place Christmas dolls on their furniture and a single one in front of their door. As a part of that family, Ted was in-charge of the Christmas dolls and that day, he brought new ones from the town and it's going to decorate the house beautifully. But as he was nearing the house however, he realized that he had missed something and it's the one which will be placed on the door!

Ted thought to himself, did he left the doll specifically for that back in the store? Well that's impossible for he remembered taking the doll to his sack and he knows he had placed it in. Well there is only two things that might have happen, one is it got stolen, or two it might have fell along the way. The first one is not a fit one for he had carried his sack all the way and never let it go, well it could have fallen then? Escape players, Ted is going to return to the snowy cold path just to find that doll. Will you join him as well and help him out on this? Find it then and be ready to face the cold again.

Rescue Christmas Doll is a brand new point and click item retrieval escape game released by Big Escape Games.

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