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Rescue Caveman

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You were a caveman who locked yourself inside your cave. The world around you was changing and you felt like you couldn't keep up with it. So you stayed in your cave to live the way you had ever since you were born. Everything was fine for a few months. Until you felt the cave slowly opening to the public. You couldn't continue scaring people away. They might find you and hurt you back instead. Or you may have to live with them in the city. It was scarier for you. You wanted to stay inside a cave so you moved to a new one. You found an empty cave where your neighbors once lived. However, this cave received some modernization already. You had no idea how things work and where the tunnels lead. But you had no other choice at the moment.

If you wanted to be away from the rest of the people, you had to stay here. And so you did. Things were going well as long as you were staying in one room. But then, you got a little curious. So you explored the rest of the rooms. And that was when the problems started coming. You always forgot where to turn until you got yourself trapped. Play Rescue Caveman room escape game by NSR Games.

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