Rescue Camel From Desert Game

Rescue Camel From Desert

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The land where Jackie lives is a desert, but it's not the deserts in the middle East though, but of the Americas. Jackie chose to live there even though it's dangerous for he wishes to be away from the toxicity of society and he thought about that way before, now he had lived in the desert for decades and he is thriving. Jackie still returns to the city though at least once a month for supplies, but when the need is not necessary, he doesn't and just stays. One of those runs in the city though a few years ago was important to him, for he went to pick-up a rescued baby camel!

Jackie complied to that even though he didn't want the animal at first for it's another thing to feed, but the rest of that was history for he now has a title, and that is the camel man! Jackie was the only person who lives in the desert and riding on a camel which was not even endemic to the place! Jackie was pretty famous only among the locals, and he thought one day when something happened that it could be the source of the problem for when he looked in the barn where he keeps his camel, the animal was gone! Jackie immediately thought that its the people there and it could be a prank or something, still there is a possibility that an accident occurred, but one thing is certain though and that he needs to find it. Escape players, want to help Jackie here rescue a camel which was lost? It could be anywhere now in the vast desert so try your best to find clues and signs that would lead to it, do not abandon that camel now.

Rescue Camel From Desert is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Big Escape Games.

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