Rescue Ant From Grasshopper Game

Rescue Ant From Grasshopper

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You always believe that every living creature is worth of your respect. So regardless if it's a bug or an ant, you always make sure not to step on it intentionally. You're always conscious when you see creatures around so you tend be very careful. Unknown to you, the ants have been observing your moves. They really like the fact that you can show respect to them even if they're small enough to easily squish. They want to invite you over to their world so they can show their appreciation. But they're wondering how. The easiest way they can make you hear their invitation is through your dream. They speak with their mystical friend to make you visit their world while dreaming. While they watch you sleep, the mystical creature takes you to the world of ants. You can hear some chattering and you're facing the ants.

It's a wonderful surprise. You are about to say something when one of the guard ants comes rushing inside. He informs everyone of the attack of a grasshopper where one ant is captured. You look at the worrying faces of the ants and instantly step up to help. Play Rescue Ant From Grasshopper outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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