Reptiles Forest Escape

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For you, the most interesting species are the reptiles. All your life you’ve been getting information about the reptiles on the book or in the internet. But now, you want to see them face to face. So you went to the Reptiles Forest to see their natural habitat. However, they are not what you imagined them to be. They look cute on books but they look dangerous in real life. Most of the reptiles are predators like the crocodiles and snakes so they are quite dangerous. They are also possessive about their land and they try to protect it as much as possible. So when you set foot on their forest, they start to show up and become wild. You want to stay and tame them but unfortunately, you did not learn anything like that on the book.

So there’s nothing you can do but to escape from the Reptiles Forest. These animals are carnivores. Meaning they eat flesh so try to stay away from them as much as possible. But not all of these species are wild, there are also friendly reptiles and they are willing to help you. Find the clues through the forest to escape successfully. Reptiles Forest Escape is another exciting outdoor escape game from WoW Escape. Best of luck!