Rental Cottage Room Escape Game

Rental Cottage Room Escape

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Come and try this wooden house escape adventure here everyone. Rental Cottage Room Escape is another new point and click room escape game made by Genie Fun Games. Good luck!

The greenery and lushness of forests are therapeutic for humans and so that day, Ethan who was an office-worker in the city decided to take a trip into the country, and to bring in the luxuries of home he took a luxurious cottage to stay in. With it is a beautiful wide view of the great wilderness. The location was pretty far from the city, and for hours of driving Ethan finally arrives and made himself home there instantly. But as he was relaxing in his room however, something came-up and he somehow thought somebody is pulling a prank on him now.

Ethan finished his rest and when he tried his door so he can get some fresh air, he couldn't for the thing is now locked and he already tried everything but it just wouldn't. The windows are also fortified strongly and are not big enough for him to pass, which means he has to find items that he thinks he can help open the door. Escape players, join Ethan here as he tries to get himself out of his luxurious wilderness cottage and quickly so that his vacation won't be spoiled. Have fun everyone!

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