Remains of Mist

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Remains of Mist is a brand new japanese escape the room game developed by Nagamochi. Assume your wife planned to surprise you with a trip into the nearby botanic garden, because you were a gardener and loved everything linked to the plants. So on a sunny suturday morning she awakened you earlier than usual and hided your eyes with a piece of clothing. When she pullod up in a parking lot she allowed you to take off the bond. You realized it was one of the most beautiful gardens in the country. You were exploring the flowers and plants for hours when suddenly you asked her to leave you alone to make your professional observation on some of them alone. When you finsihed you wanted to follow her to the car park but could not find the right way back. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to get out. Have fun!


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Walkthrough video for Remains of Mist

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