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Release The Soul

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Your professor taught you this before. At that time, you already memorized the things you needed to mix together to come up with a perfect potion. However, after that class, you experimented with liquids on your own and mixed them carelessly. It created smoke and you inhaled it. You tried to hide away from the smoke. But it seemed to have purposely followed you everywhere. You were waiting for some adverse effects like distortion in your appearance. After a few minutes of looking at the mirror waiting for something to happen, you forgot why you were standing there. You also forgot about the potion you brewed and everything you had learned before. It took a while for your grandma to detect what was wrong with you. The effect of the potion was irreversible. Yet your grandma was able to lessen its effect on you.

You slowly gathered your memories back. But you wished you haven't lost them when this situation came up. You were tasked to release the soul trapped somewhere. The people there believed in your potion making skills not knowing you forgot most of them. Yet you may still succeed in this. Play Release The Soul outdoor escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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