Reindeer Room Escape Game

Reindeer Room Escape

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The suburbs where you live in had just launched a new escape room and everyone was having-fun trying it over and over again. You thought it might be pretty easy for everyone was getting it done no sweat, so when everybody had their fill of escape fun for the day, you decided to try it for yourself now that it has no line for the place. The escape room had a Christmas concept for of course it is Christmas but the difficulty of the challenge there however wasn't holiday-like, and the bad part about it is you weren't expecting that.

The first thing you saw were the reindeer designs of the place and it was actually looking pretty friendly, but the clues it gives are scarce however and the chances for you to escape then will decrease. Escape players, care to try this escape adventure here in the reindeer house and see if you can get passed through the tough challenges which was suppose to be easy? Go ahead then and keep in-mind that escape challenges can be pretty difficult.

Test your skills and logic here everyone on this house escape through the holidays! Reindeer Room Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by Amgel Escape.

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