Reindeer Rescue For Christmas 2021

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Santa has this one naughty reindeer for it was young and is quite unruly. Santa have a few solutions for it though, but the little thing was really taking the best of him, his elves too were not in good control of him, well just a few were able to keep it steady but just barely. That day another problem has come concerning this deer, for it once again went out of the barn where they are being housed and that got the caretaker elf of the place absolutely on his feet!

The caretaker elf was now on this problem and he had already brought Santa a notice about this so he’ll know. But the caretaker elf must do this himself for Santa is definitely busy and this was on his watch. Escape players, the caretaker elf was now hot on the trail of that unruly reindeer, he knows he isn’t close yet but he’ll get there. Well he has no idea what he’ll find at the end of this reindeer trail he is following though. Want to see what it is and what happened by playing as the caretaker elf here then? There will be a rescue surely so be ready.

Reindeer Rescue For Christmas 2021 is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Reindeer Rescue For Christmas 2021

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