Reindeer Escape (8b Games) Game

Reindeer Escape (8b Games)

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Your farm was slowly becoming a great attraction. The people all wanted to see the reindeer you have. Not everyone can have a reindeer in their farm. You didn't actually brought the reindeer here. You were walking around your property one morning when you saw this animal moving weakly. It was trying to walk away from you. But instead, the creature fell down. You immediately ran toward the animal and checked its condition. The reindeer was just so weak that you couldn't leave it alone. So you called the vet over and they took care of him. After a few weeks, the animal was lively again. You could see it running around and eating healthily. Then your neighbor saw how pretty your reindeer was and began to admire it everyday. You always spend thirty minutes with your neighbor and the reindeer.

Then one day, you were surprised to see that a whole lot more people were coming. You worried about the reindeer. So you made sure to keep your reindeer locked up at night. But the next morning, your reindeer disappeared just before the start of the viewing of the reindeer. Play Reindeer Escape (8b Games) outdoor escape game by 8b Games.

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