Reform of the Veranda 2

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Reform of the Veranda 2 is Japanese point and click escape game from Neat Escape. Imagine you had just moved into your new flat and your wife was not content with the appearance of the balcony. She wanted to renovate it at all cost but you didn’t want to hire a worker to do it so you decided to take on the task to save a little money. You had been working with it for weeks when on a sunny friday afternoon finally you managed to finish it. You and your wife sat out there along with a bottle of champagne and you just stared at the descending sun. Suddenly your phone rang. It was your mother and she said it would be a pleasure for her if she could come over and check the new balcony. You set out to leave to fetch her but for your biggest surprise you found the door to the flat locked. Find hidden objects and fit them together to get inside somehow. Good luck!



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Walkthrough video for Reform of the Veranda 2

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