Red Squirrel Rescue From Cage Game

Red Squirrel Rescue From Cage

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Try your best in rescuing a squirrel with us here. Red Squirrel Rescue From Cage is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly. Have fun!

Red squirrels in the area where Marlon lives are pretty rare, but they are indeed endemic in the area and thanks to human activities, their numbers are slowly dwindling. One such occasion concerning those red squirrels, Marlon saw a kid and he was one of those that are quite a menace thanks to how it treats the animals around the area and thankfully, Marlon saw the kid after what he did but then he quickly ran into the forest! Marlon decided to go on the chase but the kid was quite fast, so he just tried to rescue the squirrel which the boy trapped.

The boy kept the squirrel inside a tree-house and what's separating Marlon from the animal was a locked door! Marlon is completely sure that the squirrel had been kept there, he is not sure if the squirrel is still alive though but he really hopes it still is. Escape players, Marlon is going to try and get the red squirrel out for those must be conserved, care to try the rescue as well and see if you can all make it? Go and good luck on the rescue then!


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