Red Riding Hood Game

Red Riding Hood

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On this newest game from this developer escape players, you will experience another challenge which will really stimulate your rescue and problem solving skills. The situation is that you are a hunter in the woods but for the day, you are scheduled to just gather wood for your house lacks it at the moment and it's a must for nights are still colder than usual. You passed-by your friend's house who was an old lady but as you did, you realized that there seems to be something off and you were compelled to investigate.

As you check the house, you never thought you'd see such a sight! And that's there is a wolf inside the house and it's prowling! What's weird too is that it is walking on its hind-legs like a human! A bipedal wolf? Seriously? That is got to be the most unusual thing you have seen all week or your entire life even. But as you pondered whatever is that thing or what's it doing inside your friend's house, you began to think about her and where she is. Guess there is only one way to find out, and that is to first fend the beast off but as much as possible he doesn't want a fight, hopefully it'll just run the moment he opens the door. Escape players, you are now the hunter here and it's too bad you didn't bring your rifle for this. Will you be able to open the door and scare that wolf away?

Red Riding Hood is the newest point and click house rescue escape game created by the new Hidden247.

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