Red Riding Hood Escape (365 Escape) Game

Red Riding Hood Escape (365 Escape)

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Little Red Riding Hood likes to roll alone. Today, she'll go to her sick grandma's house. You want to go with her but she left without you. You won't say no for an answer so you followed her into the woods. After few minutes of walking, you can finally see Red Riding Hood. You are so close to her when a wolf grabbed her basket. But that's not the only thing that the wolf grabbed. It came back and grabbed Red Riding Hood herself. You are the only person in the woods so you are the only one can help her out. She's your best friend so you have to do everything to rescue her. But before anything else, you have to think of a plan. You will need items for your plan so you have roam around the place and gather everything that you can.

You will also need clues to make the rescue operation easier and quicker. But most importantly, you have to use your logic to be successful. The wolf looks hungry. You have to help the red Riding Hood to escape before she becomes the wolf's dinner. Red Riding Hood Escape (365 Escape) is the newest room escape game by 365 Escape. Good luck!

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