Red Panda Warrior Escape

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Leah was a part of the army of animals in the forest and that’s even when she is a human. This army consists of both sentient and non-sentient animals and they are fighting for their freedom, that’s because for years they have been clearly persecuted by these bigger kingdoms for they view them as savages and wild. But really they are not and just wanted their home which was the forest to be respected and not destroyed. Leah became one of them when she managed to get herself in there and despite of her being human, she was still taken care of well. She became one of them eventually, but recently though situations have really not become good for the animals here, and that day they were even on a rescue mission for one of them have just been taken!

The one that had been captured was a high-ranking commander and he is a red panda. Leah was pretty close with him like family, and that’s why she isn’t stopping in trying to rescue him. At the moment he is inside this cage and under the mercy of whoever captured him, Leah and her small group is still hesitant to proceed though for there could be traps surrounding the cage there, and this could be bait so they can draw her out. Escape players, this is a dangerous mission now, but Leah is still going to go at it. Want to help her then in rescuing her panda friend so that this attempt will be successful?

Red Panda Warrior Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Red Panda Warrior Escape

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