Red Painting Room Escape Game

Red Painting Room Escape

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Arriving in Japan, you learn that it's tradition to decorate the living room with a red painting. It is because the Japanese have this belief that  it will keep the bad forces out of the building. One day you arrive home from the work and set yourself into comfort on the sofa watching a football match. Sudddenly, your phone rang. It was your boss asking you to return to your workplace because an unexpected mistake came up with one of your projects. You get out to your car but found it locked however you had never locked it in your garden. You went inside and found the key holder empty. Giving you an eerie feeling, you prepare yourself for a possible battle. You also happen to be a martial artist which makes you dangerous as well. The danger is nothing to you.

Red Painting Room Escape is point and click escape game by Ainars for Escape Fan.


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