Red Mushroom House Escape Game

Red Mushroom House Escape

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Elmer had been going on an adventure in places far away from civilizations, he has a constant search for things of legend and because he has good progress, he continues to find the things on his list. At the moment, Elmer is in a wilderness which was so remote that no people not even mountain men is living in the place! But as he went deeper however, he didn't realize he'll find something there and because it was weird, Elmer's eyes opened really wide!

Elmer didn't understand what he was seeing, for there were houses right in front of him after he went through some thick foliage and those weren't just normal houses, but were mushroom-shaped houses with doors and windows! How and why would people live in a far away place such as here? And how did they find materials to build houses that looks unachievable without modern equipment? Elmer checked the place and it seems that there were nobody home, so he marked the area with his GPS and he'll try to get back then and report this. Escape players, Elmer is going to scan the area still and find more things that can find answers about the place, escape players want to join Elmer here on this adventure in an area where the red mushroom houses are?

Red Mushroom House Escape is a brand new point and click escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

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