Red Hair Lucas Escape

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Elaine’s friend invited her for coffee at her place, they haven’t seen each other for a while and she thought they might be able to share somethings. Elaine of course agreed for it was in a timing that she doesn’t have work that day, and she was thinking of what she can do as well. Elaine arrives at the place and of course was welcomed with open arms. Upon Elaine’s entrance however, Her friend’s son Lucas hid in his room then, his mother told her after that he always does that when there are guests coming over. So okay, maybe he’ll come out later. Little did they both know he is going to need some help with that.

For an hour, Elaine was still there and she and her friend were really sharing some gossips like never before. But that was halted however when they heard Lucas scream for help! Elaine’s friend immediately went there to his rescue, but the problem was clear and it’s about the door, for they both cannot open it in each of their sides. Escape players, Elaine is really thinking of what she can do to help here now, maybe they need the key to the door? And so she was right, for her friend immediately went to get it but unfortunately, it was nowhere to be found! This is some cascading problem definitely, but Elaine is going to help here and escape players, you will be playing as her. Will you be able to find that key somewhere in the house so that freeing young Lucas can be done?

Red Hair Lucas Escape is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Red Hair Lucas Escape

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