Red Bird Escape 1

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Charles is in the forest that day for he is on the hunt for meat, preferably pig’s meat. As he was in this tree-line however so he can get a better view of an area, he saw something man-made there and for him it’s kind of weird.

Charles found a cage hanging on some trees and inside it was a red bird! It immediately caught his attention for red birds if there are any here, are definitely rare. It looked like a red canary or something, which he knows doesn’t exist. Charles cannot stop thinking about this bird now and he can’t concentrate. Escape players, Charles have now decided to take a better look at this bird and if he decides, maybe release it too? Will you help him with this then whatever he’ll do next?

Red Bird Escape 1 is another new point-and-click bird escape game made by Games 2 Live.

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Walkthrough video for Red Bird Escape 1

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